Tax Prep Guides

The resources on this page are provided to help you gather and organize the tax documents and other information needed to prepare and complete the filing of your US & related state personal income tax returns.

The individual documents are PDF files.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click on the links below to open the selected document in a new window.

  • TY2018 Tax Prep Checklist (Revised 01/10/2019) – This is a list of the most significant forms and items that are important for Tax Year 2017 filings
  • TY2018 Tax Topics (Revised 01/10/2019) – This is a list of questions and situations to help identify circumstances that may have a tax impact. Use this with the checklist to collect your tax information.
  • TY2018 Tax Planning Considerations (Revised 01/10/2018) – This document describes some of the important 2018 planning considerations resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) legislation signed on 12/22/2017.  An overview of the potential impact to state income taxes is included for selected states (MA, ME, RI, CT, VT, NY, NJ, CA).
  • Tax Engagements – Our standard tax engagement documents to confirm the use of our tax preparation services. The tax engagement is sent electronically to most clients.